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Costa & Montenegro International is a company that always seeks the best service to clients, performing an ethical work within the standards of international demand.

Our experience is focused on exports and imports, giving full support to our operations.

We are in the foreign trade market since 2008, being one of the best Brazilian companies with processes of consulting, auditing, inspection and import, export, drawback and back-to-back logistics in various segments and industries. We also bring with us the experience of professionals working in the fields of foreign trade, law, tax-accounting, logistics and distribution channels long before the emergence of Costa & Montenegro. Our experience, when added to our business partners, enables us to meet and fulfill the operational, logistical and business needs of any of our customers.

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Welcome to a trading company that analyzes, plans and operates in a differentiated way. Achieve total security in your foreign trade negotiations by minimizing all your risks and ensuring the expected results in your operation through our overseas audit and inspection services to expand us.


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